Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I saw a headline for this story somewhere yesterday but didn't really want to read it, since my stomach's been a little upset recently to begin with. But I've been looking for tips to help out, and now reader Teresa S. has tipped it, so... "We couldn't believe what we were seeing," said Sortland. "In the rare, rare case this happens, it's the person doing the animal. I think that has led to the astonishment of all of the entities involved." Yes indeed, a man being fucked to death by a horse is rather astonishing. That quote is from a different article in the local Seattle paper, and here's Teresa's tipped story from the South African press, which contains a bit more in the way of nasty detail. Also, that 2nd story has a surprising number of 'related articles' over to the side... seems that bestiality may be somewhat on the rise over in Africa, which may partly be due to fear of contracting AIDS from sex with humans, or at least that's the people who get caught are saying. The 'Man Up For Bestiality' and 'Goat Sex' ones have a few sentences in them that could be seen as amusing, if you can get past just feeling horrified and sad for the poor goat. No arrests have been made so far in the Washington case, since Washington currently has no law against bestiality, and the morality question there is slightly different than most of these other cases in that the animals were doing the violating... for instance, if being fucked by a horse is illegal would letting a dog hump your leg also be illegal? (Oh, you know, that reminds me of a joke I heard recently... Q: How do you get a dog to stop humping your leg? A: Pick him up and suck his cock.) AND here's one last bit of related information to be pondered - as you learn in the initial article, Washington is one of 17 states where bestiality is not illegal... however, in this brief overview of bestiality I found it says that "As recently as 1953, 49 states regarded bestiality as a felony or its equivalent." So between 1953 and today 16 states have legalized bestiality? What's up with that? Further research may need to be done here...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Washington State doesn't have a law against beastiality. This is the sort of info that I learn, gasp, listening to Howard Stern--there were a bunch of beastiality stories in his news yesterday: and they were all in the U.S.

It's all John Ashcroft's fault.
Or Ashton Kutcher's (or however you spell his name....)


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