Monday, July 18, 2005

Busy, tired, ill, generally wore out... you know my story by now. I need a vacation or something. Here's a few things that I have read today that you can also read if you so choose: 1) How do porcupines make love? 2) I've been very into this Diplo fella for the past several months, and here's a good profile of him. A few weeks back I ordered his new Favela Strikes Back baile funk mix CD off his site and he had it all packaged up and at my door two days later! Ordering a copy your own self, highly recommended. 3) Another recent purchase that I've been enjoying is Season 1 of Ask This Old House on DVD. So here is an interview with Richard Trethewey (you'll find links to interviews with Norm, Tom Silva, and the rest there too, along with various other features whic might be of interest to those who enjoy watching This Old House and its' companion show).


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