Tuesday, June 28, 2005

This past Saturday I travelled down to the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade with a gang of readers to enjoy the scantily-clad mermaids and get a dose of cooling sea breeze to combat the 90+ temperatures. In one of the photos at that Forgotten NY link you can see little Mango here running back and forth atop the truck pulling the pink Whalephant float - after the parade we discovered that the truck had been driven by our friend Stef and we followed them back to Red Hook, Brooklyn for some after-parade drinking at the Bait & Tackle. It's a great bar, neighborhoody, divey, and filled with taxidermy, and Mango is pretty much the optimal dog in my opinion - he's little, but strong and solid, and short hair is always a plus since it cuts down on the traditional doggie odor. When he first brought the hot dog over I assumed he was looking for some fetch, but I quickly discovered that Mango's amusement of choice is the old tug of war, and he's very good at it with his powerful little body and jaws of steel. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...... If there had been a little more room in the bar I totally could have lifted him up via the frankfurter, spun him around and around my head, and gotten on AFV. Not long after I snapped these photos I was hanging out in front of the bar and Mango came out, trotted over to the chalkboard easel in front of the fancier-looking bar next door and pissed all over their specials. Good Mango!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These turned out soo great! Ahh Mango. Seriously I want to get whatever camera you have, it's awesome.

9:31 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

Yeah, I really like my little camera too, I think it takes some fine pictures. It's the only digital camera I've ever owned, so for all I know there's better, tinier, more featured, etc. cameras out there, but I've got no complaints with this one. It is a Pentax Optio S40... looking at J&R (which is where i got it a year ago) it appears that maybe that model has been replaced by the Optio S55, which looks like it's around the same price but with some more megapixels and a bigger screen on back.

11:17 AM  

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