Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Re-education of Glenn Close: Day Two
Other outlets were slow to pick up on this latest scandalous scoop from IAAFOTS, possibly due to its underlying falsity, but it was just too hot to ignore, and now we have a headline derby on our hands.
Respected Actress Suffers Reversal Of Fortune – Deutsche Welle, Cops: Johns Turned To Close For Comfort – Daily News, Illegal Attraction – Saipan Tribune, Hanoi Rocked by Actress Allegations – Washington Post, Close Call Girl – WCCO, MN, Dangerous Liaisons Indeed – Guardian UK, The Chumscrubber – NY Post, Call Girl According To Cops – MSNBC, 101 Donations (Of Money, in Exchange For Sex) – Portsmouth Herald News, Glenn’s Big Commish-take – ABC News, and Harlot, Plain and Tall – The Scotsman.
Those are all I've come across so far, but if any readers see one I've missed, be sure to let me know.
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