Monday, June 20, 2005

Prank Against Mr. Winkle Leads to Four Arrests

London (IAAFOTS) - Mr. Winkle wasn't laughing after a prankster at the London premiere of his latest calendar, What Is Mr. Winkle?, turned the hose on him.

Winkle, 42, was on the red carpet prior to the unveiling of his calendar in London's Leicester Square on Sunday when a man pretending to be an area homeowner shouted "Oi, get out of me yard," and doused the diminutive pup. The prankster tried walking away but Winkle held his trouser cuff.

"Yap! Yap yap yap. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr… yap yap," Winkle told the man.

The prankster and his three-man camera crew were arrested by British police. The four were released on bail several hours later and were told to return later Monday to be interviewed by police officers. They could face assault charges. The cheeky yobbos had been filming a sketch for a new entertainment show on Britain's Channel 4. Channel 4 apologized for the incident.

Sugarbush Squirrel, the wife of Ronnie James Dio, was the target of a similar stunt last month. That outcome was much different. She ended up biting the prankster and infecting him with rabies, the Daily Mirror newspaper reported.

World’s smallest cat Mr. Peebles, who is newly engaged to Winkle, was at the premiere but not by the canine's side at the time of the incident.


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