Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Next up from reader Mike A.'s big stack o' tips is this supplier of fine mascot costumes, whose not entirely fine website always seems to have the same link no matter what page you're on. This fact precludes me from linking to Mike's favorite costume, the BLT (if anyone knows what school's teams are called the Fighting BLT's, Lady BLT's, etc. let me know) but you can track it down in the Food section. Another mascot which you can find in the Food section is one of my personal favorites pictured above, the Torah. This may seem odd to the non-Jewish readership out there, since like most Christians you've probably tried to eat a Bible before and found it not so delectable. Here's the trick, though: next time, try eating only the first five books, Genesis through Deuteronomy, discarding the rest, kinda like how you'd eat an artichoke. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.Posted by Hello


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