Thursday, June 16, 2005

More mascot odds and ends: Reader Andrea B. sent this image in to the tipline, which isn't a mascot per se, but I do like to imagine him flying around the Earth at supersonic speeds to reverse time in order to figure out exactly where it was he hid that acorn. From the Mike A. tipstack comes this site featuring perhaps the highest quality mascot costumes we've seen yet - I think my favorites are the bunnies on this page, or maybe Hedgie Hedgehog - and the homepage of Critters By The Bay, with the "Uncover" section particularly recommended by our tipper. I found that last one vaguely off-putting for some reason, which I think has to do with the fact that they look and sound a lot like furries, particularly Gill Wichi's section. Though it's clearly related to this week's topic, the whole furry scene really creeps me out so I'll just link to this page that seems to have a lot of information and links if you're curious or don't know what I'm talking about... it looks like it hasn't been updated in 2 1/2 years but I doubt things have changed all that much since then and I don't especially want to look at anymore furry sites to find something more recent. The Vanity Fair article posted there seems to be a fine overview of this dark and seedy corner of the mascot universe. And wrapping up the odds and ends, an article about a controversial New Zealand rugby mascot named Hori Bop: He is banned from the field after the Bay of Plenty Rugby Union dumped him as official mascot last year. Speaking to the Herald in between whipping a volunteer in a lion suit and screaming "Get a move on, you big flaming pussy" at a team practice this week, he said the union also took away his changing room. "I've been reduced to getting changed in the toilets."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should be creeped out... Gill Wichi, AKA Brokken T-Wolf, AKA half a dozen other furry fursuit characters and personalities; commonly cuts holes in his suits and photographs himself with a hardon. The best examples are his "Yowly" suit, where he tried to fill in the hole with longer, mis-matching fur. When he performs at parks like Pixieland with his human "dog lover" Jonathan, his costume "pubes" can be seen by all.

These same suits are used to visit hospitals, where he "makes sick kids feel better". Disturbing and wrong?


"concerned in San Fran"

4:38 PM  

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