Monday, June 06, 2005

I've tracked down some more information on the pig racing industry if you're interested (and why would you not be). This visitor to the San Mateo County Fair has some great photos of the pigs competing, specifically the All Alaskan Racing Pigs, who appear to be the leading exponent of this artform on the west coast. There's another company which offers two kinds of pig racing but specializes in the seemingly unique pursuit of skunk racing... they also feature "rock fountain carving shows", which is incongruous, but I guess this variety is what allows them to guarantee that "whether you like to watch, or participate, our shows are bound to have everything you could want, expect, and dream of!" Across the pond, the BBC has a video report on the state of the sport in Southhampton, England, where they jolly well spray-paint the numbers onto the contestants. And before wrapping things up it's only fair to include an opposing viewpoint, provided by PETA, who surprisingly enough do not care for pig racing.


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