Friday, June 17, 2005

I might not have the time available to post much today, but reader Mike A. continues to pick up the slack with two new San Diego Chicken tips, an informative Q&A and a top-notch photograph. Now I realize that's not a whole lot of content, informative and top-notch as those links are, but I've got one other mascot link for you to chew on for awhile: Costumes 101, Acting 101, the Prop Shop, this site is heavily laden with insider info. Here's a brief taste from the Mascot Skit Tank section: I tend to wander off with women's purses, or at least take something from them. I started running off with purses, then a few steps away, I'd pause, look inside, and act like I saw something "shocking" in there, and then hand it back to the woman, touching it as little as possible, usually dangling from two fingers. I was wondering about plants, I mean pretending to pull out item from a woman's purse that I actually planted in there. Problem is, I can't think of anything that would be appropriate (if you think of some if the toilet humor items...heheheh I'd be fired). So what "embarassing" or weird items can I pull out of the purses, that are still in the realms of good taste? Naturally I want to get a woman to agree to be my plant for the game, and pull something really weird out, and then have her bash me on the head with her purse, and chase me away. - PK


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