Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Continuing to mine Mike's tips, we now turn our attention to the beloved racing sausages of Milwaukee. As some readers may recall, I have covered these wursts before, but Mike has come across a previously unseen article giving the professional mascot's perspective on the assault, as well as other incidents and injuries which have occured in the profession over the years. His find spurred me to do another round of research for 2005, turning up this great profile of the sausages written by a woman who has previously worked as a largemouth bass that fans try to hit with squishy baseballs at the Metrodome and a student interview with Mandy Block, the stricken Italian sausage, which contains one fact I don't think I've seen anywhere else (not even on the Brewers' official sausage site): its name is Guido. AND as long as I was at the Brewers' site anyway, here's the lowdown on their real mascot, Bernie Brewer, who lives in a beer barrel chalet and slides down into a mug of beer after every Brewers home run.


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