Thursday, June 16, 2005

At this point, I think it goes without saying who sent in this mascot link, and he really deserves a gold star for being a very good helper this week. The link in question directs us to the page of Eddie The Eagle, mascot for the NRA. One generally thinks of the NRA as an organization somewhat antipathetic to regulations, but at least when it comes to Eddie this is decidedly not so, because this costume comes bundled with a laundry list of rules and regulations. A lot of them are basic mascot common sense, like change into your costume in private, stay in character, try not to terrify children, etc., and most of them make sense, but at least one of them seems fundamentally impossible for Eddie to follow: "Eddie Eagle may never be associated with violent activity". Now I'm not anti-gun by any means, but guns are inherently violent - they're designed to produce an explosion which sends projectiles flying at great speeds to tear through whatever is in their path, right? That's a violent activity, and unless Eddie disassociates himself from the National Rifle Association he will never be able to obey that rule. By the way, he wouldn't be so good at teaching kids firearm safety, but you know who would make an excellent mascot for the NRA to promote the general joy of shooting things is Titus the Bear of the Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo (as well as Affonso the Rhino and Astrid the Jaguar... there's also a fun Flash game to be played by clicking on the pile of human skulls on that page).


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