Monday, June 13, 2005

As mentioned last week, this week sees the return of the weekly topic here at IAAFOTS, with that topic being mascots, as suggested by reader Mike A. Unfortunately I'm still crazy busy so far today so I haven't had time to find any mascot-centric links to share, but I do hope to soon. In the meantime, please feel free to send along any mascot tips, anecdotes, thoughts, etc. in to the tipline. Also, I heard on the t.v. last night that there will be an encore presentation of Hit Me Baby 1 More Time tomorrow evening, and to celebrate I have added two hilarious new quips to Friday's review of the show, which can be found in the first-round paragraphs on Tommy Tutone and Vanilla Ice. Even if you have already read the review, I encourage you to reread those paragraphs, for as I say, these new quips are hilarious. Oh, and this photo is of me getting dressed up as our opponent's mascot (the Eldora Tiger) for my high school's 1986 homecoming parade.


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