Monday, June 20, 2005

After happening upon that Nick Alexander site I've been doing a little looking for other song parodists on the internet, and the first one I've found is Larry Weaver. "Whether you like rappin’ grandpas, outhouse humor or just plain ole goofin’ around, you’ll love Larry “The Dream” Weaver." Now I like all three of those things, both seperately and in combination, but the Weaver material I've exposed myself to so far is leaving me somewhat cold. Maybe it's that they don't really seem to be parodies of popular songs but just novelty tunes, or maybe it's that they don't seem to be teaching me anything about the Catholic Church, but something is missing. However, Larry also runs his own talent agency, and a couple of his other acts have piqued my interest. First, I may like rappin' grandpas, outhouse humor, and plain ole goofin' around, but the three things I love are puppets, magic and laughter, and Larry has an entertainer on his roster tailor-made for folks like me, magician-ventriloquist Ron Johnson. Ron doesn't have sound and video clips available, but he is recommended to fans of Willie Tyler and Lester (and Jeff Dunham... you know, Jeff Dunham) and as many readers are already aware, I am such a fan. In fact, ten years or so ago some friends bought me my own Lester for Christmas and he has provided me with countless hours of joy... so very much joy that it wasn't until this past December that I finally had the time to take a break and write my customer review of Lester on Amazon. The other act in the Larry Weaver stable to arouse my curiousity: Giant Robot and Giant Elvis. These roving characters do have a video sample available and c'mon, you gotta kick that.


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