Friday, May 20, 2005

There is hardly anything to say about last night's Apprentice finale except hooray it is over (even more exciting was switching over to the Pacers/Pistons game at 10 and watching Reggie Miller's career come to an end; I do not care for that Reggie Miller). Making Tana try to fight for this job when everyone knew that she was going to lose seemed somewhat cruel, especially when she got way too worked up about claiming credit for the shape of that Pontiac brochure. It was also a little sad to watch Trump telling us about the big important things Bill and Kelly have been doing for him since their wins when everyone knows it's not true - and by the way, was that label for Trump Ice designed at a Kinko's in 1993? I know the man has no taste or aesthetic sense, but still. The only thing that really perked me up during the hour was an ad for a new summer reality series that I actually am intrigued by, Hit Me Baby One More Time. It's like American Idol but with actual old stars that one might want to see, including Tiffany, Loverboy, The Knack, Tommy Tutone, The Motels, Air Supply, Wang Chung, Vanilla Ice, Flock of Seagulls, and Irene Cara. Hopefully it will not be as awful as the last reality show I was intrigued by, Wickedly Perfect - actually I had an feeling that one might be awful, I just like crafts - and continues for further seasons, because you could cast this thing in your sleep. Look, I'll do so live right now (I'm not quite asleep but fairly close): season two featuring Quarterflash, Kris Kross, Romeo Void, Night Ranger, Jo Boxers, Billy Ocean, Marshall Crenshaw, Expose, Simple Minds, and Paula Abdul. At least right now I'm rooting for Tiffany and the Knack. The other new summer show advertised last night, I Want to be A Hilton, looks like your typical despisable crap.


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