Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lest anyone be concerned, let me assure you that I have not stopped exploring the world of the jackalope yet, I've just got a big project at work that's occupying most of my time this week. Today's jackalope revelation: they're real! Or at least some rabbits get a disease that causes bony growths on their heads that can look like horns, a fact discovered on this site (and backed up by The Straight Dope) which also has many interesting historical pictures and links to other information about jackalope-like creatures. For instance, the rasselbock: Which organism ranks among the rarest curiosities in the animal realm of the Thueringer of forest? Which interested animal, nature and hunt friends do not want no more over that hardly admitted Mammal know, and how and where it drives its secret nature? These answers are answered to you here! Other related animals apparently include the Nashornhamster, the Tatzelwurm, and the slope chicken. Also mentioned on both those sites is the wolpertinger, though I'm not entirely sure yet what they have to do with jackalopes: The Wolpertinger, the dance music duo for each cause does not have to do anything with Bavarian yodelling insanity. We play naturally also Bavarian people music. Mainly however dance music like modern people music of the Paldauer, Klostertaler or apron hunters.


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